102 year old lens on a 5DmkII

September 18, 2010

Ich. Komm. Nicht. Klar. Eine Linse die über 100 Jahre alt ist auf eine 5D. ZUCKER.

A circa 1908 ( possibly earlier) 35mm lens. Still functioning, mostly brass, and not nearly as much dust or fungus as one would think after sitting in a box for over a hundred years. This lens is a piece of film history people, and at this point rare beyond words. So i say to him, „Wow… what do you have in mind?“ he smiles, and says, ( in the thickest russian accent you can imagine) “ i can make this fit EF you know…“

cinema5D.com • View topic – 102 year old lens on a 5DmkII – Images inside!.


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