Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn

Januar 21, 2011

Ich liebe diese Idee. Anne Hathaway hat die Rolle der Catwoman bekommen, ein Gedanke, an den ich mich nicht gewöhnen werde bis es so weit ist. Aber Kristen Bell, holy bajeesus, und Christian Bale, ergibt Kristianne Baille, und dann das hier, und alles wird gut. Screenplay gibt es auch schon.



Harley is a shrink at Arkham who falls in love with the Joker, but it’s completely one sided. The story shows her dictating notes about their sessions in a series of shots. As she gets further on she starts getting paranoid fantasies that the Joker is telling her that he loves her by doing things like, only using sibilant curse words when she’s around, or killing the guard, because that guard has the initials W.U.V. It’s all one happy little self delusion until one of the crime families gets someone into Arkham to shiv the Joker. That’s when she cracks, she invents the Harley Quinn persona and goes after the mob. Not too far in she realizes that there are crooked cops on the mobs payroll, and being the well balanced person she is she decides that all cops must die. Of course she thinks shes on the side of the angels, she even fancies the Batman, „he’s the only other person who understood Pookie.“

Anyway the point is that you start the movie with Harley tearing shit up, Batman investigates the new threat and finds her video diaries. You never see the Joker, he’s dead, the only part you see is her side of the infatuation. QED a movie featuring Harley could be made without having the joker in it at all. The real question is do you want Kristen bell doing an atrocious ne’yawk accent for 90 minutes?


I know that Ann Hathaway got the nod for Catwoman, but I would have killed to see Kristen Bell play Harley Quinn. : pics.


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