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In Memoriam – Kodachrome (1935 – 2010)

Januar 25, 2011



In Memoriam – Kodachrome (1935 – 2010) | X-Equals – image, workflow, technology, business. Ein absolutes HABEN was Lightroom Presets angeht.

What is important to remember about Kodachrome is that it changed the way we looked at the world. Kodachrome was the first viable and stable color film available on the market. Kodachrome was developed by two musicians in the early 1930’s; Leopold Godowsky, Jr and Leopold Mannes. They were simply unsatisfied with the color in a movie they had recently seen and set out to improve color motion photography. In their efforts they created Kodachrome.
Kodachrome was revered for its accurate colors and for its image stability. Images shot on Kodachrome and properly stored look today as if shot yesterday, even those it may have been shot in the 1940’s. Kodachrome is renowned for being the most archival of any color film, including those manufactured today.



Oktober 3, 2010

Promo video for new Kelpe single „MARGINS“. Footage shot myself on super 8 cine-film on a trip to California / Nevada in 2002 or 2003. Buy the EP from BLEEP at Release date 4th October Digital + 11th Oct Vinyl, on Black Acre / TeamAcre006

growing up with star wars

September 30, 2010

242 1903 Oakland Halloween – Aaron & Mark 1981 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Americana 2

September 24, 2010

A year ago, when DuckDuck collective first came together, we posted a blog entitled “Americana”. This was the first time that the three of us had ever combined our imagery together into a single project.

“Americana 2″ is a look into some of the more personal images and portraits we have taken over the last year as a team. It has been a beautiful ride and we are so glad so many of you have enjoyed it with us.

Americana 2 | The DuckDuck Collective Blog.

Henrik Adamsen

September 24, 2010

Wunderschöne Aufnahmen von Henrik Adamsen aus Dänemark. Selbstverständlich im Vintage Look der 80er/90er.

1950s London, England

September 24, 2010

1950s London, England (015) | Flickr

J.Viewz – Salty Air

September 22, 2010

Gutes Video, guter Song.